Become a Knight

He was a father of a little girl attending St. Michael’s School. Another Catholic man decided he wanted to give back after his retirement. A man got laid off from his job, was frustrated by lack of work and needed to volunteer his time. All these men have something in common with you. They are men of faith and action. They want to make a difference; they want to serve others.

The founder of the Knight’s of Columbus, Father Michael McGivney, had a vision of an army of believers working on grand plans and projects. His love was to stand back and watch them work together, under the light of Christ.

Is this the place for you? Join and receive the gift of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism. What about the cost? Our annual dues are less than $4.00 a month.  Do I have to spend a lot of time? That’s up to you and your interests. We have one General Membership meeting on the first Wednesday of each month and you are encouraged to attend and enjoy a free dinner.  Is it stressful? The meetings are full of light moments that sometimes lead to belly laughs and are always great fun. Are there any other benefits? Yes, you qualify for the best life insurance program available; only for Knight’s and their families.

How can I join? It’s simple!

You can join the Knights on-line, using this on-line registration tool:

“Join us” on-line registration tool

or, if you prefer, you may download our Membership Form:

and e-mail the completed form to


For more information on what to expect as a member of the Knights, please read “what we do.”  The most rewarding experience of your life may be ahead of you in the Knighthood.  Join the Knight’s of Columbus today and enjoy working together for others, in the light of Christ.

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